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Griffis Residential Associates Volunteer at Warren Village in Denver, CO

Griffis Residential Associates Volunteer at Warren Village in Denver, CO

Life at GR | December 28, 2022

Griffis Residential Gives Partners with Warren Village

Last month, Griffis Residential Gives granted $10,000 to Warren Village.  “We love Warren Village- they are making a huge difference in people’s lives,” Kate Sullivan, Director of Philanthropy for Griffis Residential Gives, stated. “The support of on-site childcare combined with career mentoring and affordable, safe housing make the Warren Village program unique and through it, graduates can gain self-sufficiency. Griffis Residential Gives is grateful to have the opportunity to support this work.”

Since its inception nearly four years ago, Griffis Residential Gives has provided approximately $200,000 in grants to local Non-Profits and over $300,000 in individual, short-term grants that help residents through crises that threaten their housing security.

Griffis Residential, a leader in the multifamily industry, which started Griffis Residential Gives in 2019, supports community engagement and attracts a workforce that loves to serve.  Each employee is given 8 hours of paid, Volunteer Time Off to support the organizations that they care about.

The passion of the Griffis Residential community was evident this holiday season as they got behind Warren Village.  Residents and Associates from five Denver, Griffis Residential Communities; Griffis Cheesman Park, Griffis Westminster Center, Griffis Cherry Creek North, Griffis Union Station and the Corporate office, participated in a holiday drive that raised over $2,500 for Warren Village families. Thirty-seven Griffis Residential Associates, Friends and Family members volunteered to make the Warren Village holiday dinner a huge success. New employee, Kaela Fukano, volunteered at the Warren Village dinner.  It was her second volunteer opportunity with Griffis Residential. “It was very important to me to find a company that cares about philanthropy and giving back to the communities that it serves,” Kaela explained. “It was a big factor in my decision to accept my position here at Griffis Residential and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to give back to my community.”  Ultimately, Griffis Residential Associates feel they get back more than they put in”, Tai Ludwig said, of his day of service, “It was very refreshing to have a day off work, give back to the community and spend time with coworkers.  A great day all around!”