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Group of Griffis employees volunteering at food bank.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Griffis Residential embraces a series of social commitments that focus on environmental, philanthropic, ethical, and economic responsibility. Our associates are empowered through volunteerism, educational, professional and community engagement opportunities.
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Supporting One Another

Griffis Residential offers an inclusive environment committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We see it as our duty to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Volunteer time off makes getting engaged easier and more fun. Team members are equipped to support each other through Paid Time Off donations. We thrive as we support each other.

Our Corporate Culture Supports and Empowers Associates and their Families.

Leadership and learning programs allow associates to meet their career goals. Scholarship opportunities for associate dependents are available so that everyone can meet their potential.

Griffis for Generations Scholarship Program

Tuition for College

The Griffis for Generations Sscholarship Program allows associate dependents to apply for a scholarship opportunity which provides up to $10,000 per year in college tuition money to applicants who qualify. “They gave me the exact amount that I needed for my tuition... I am so thankful!” - Autumn

Paid Time Off Donations

Helping Associates in Need

Associates are allowed to donate accrued PTO from their available paid time off balance to help other associates in need. When an associate’s son was born at 28 weeks and had to spend 112 days in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Griffis Residential associates voluntarily donated PTO to allow this associate to have more paid time off to be with their family.

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Language Learning, Peer Trainers and Summer Internships

Equipping Associates to Meet Their Goals

At Griffis Residential, associates can step into leadership roles and provide training and serve as a mentor to newer associates through the Peer Trainer Program. Spanish and English speakers can broaden their ability to communicate with everyone through online language learning programs. Summer internships help upcoming college graduates consider the opportunities available in Residential Real Estate.

Caring for our Community

Griffis Residential empowers its associates to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Through charitable giving and volunteerism, Griffis Residential is committed to adding value to our communities.

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Paid Time Off Donations

On December 21st, Community Manager, Dacia Branch, knew something was wrong when she woke up in pain, 28 weeks into her pregnancy. Her husband called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital where an emergency c-section was completed. The baby, weighing just 2.06 pounds at birth, and dropping down to 1.12 pounds the next day, had to be resuscitated and was fighting for his life in the NICU.

Thanks to Griffis Residential’s generous family leave benefits, Dacia was able to stay home for 12 weeks, with pay. “With my old company you could get your FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and you could take another 6 weeks unpaid. The fact that Griffis Residential’s benefits provide full pay is remarkable,” Dacia said.

After 12 weeks, Dacia had used all of her vacation time, but she wasn’t yet able to return to work, “They really want you to do skin to skin contact as much as possible, talk to them, sing, read- it’s good for them to hear your voice.” The care burden was great, but the family was depending on two incomes. That’s when Griffis Residential’s HR department put out a call for PTO donations and within minutes Dacia’s Paid Time Off need was met. At Griffis Residential, Associates can donate their unused vacation time to coworkers who have a family medical emergency or are affected by a major disaster. The donation process is completely anonymous- recipients and specifics are never revealed. Dacia was able to stay home until her baby was ready to leave the hospital at 112 days old.

Malli Mauer, Operations Manager for GR properties in the Northwest, wanted to help Dacia’s family. “It didn’t feel like offering a meal or ‘thoughts’ would remove some of the burden the family was going through.” Before the premature birth, the family was planning a move, since they needed the space, and intended to rent a truck and pack themselves. Malli saw a way to help, “I thought that not having to think about the move would make it all easier to handle.” Malli got approval from Jami Pichot, Senior Vice President of Operations, and Griffis Residential stepped in and covered the cost of movers and packers. 

These days Dacia’s little boy is hitting all his milestones and he is very close to crawling. Dacia is grateful that Griffis Residential made it possible to focus on her son during that difficult time. “I know how lucky I am. What I received from Griffis Residential was above and beyond.”