Apartment living

A bulldog puppy sleeping in their apartment home.

6 Dog Breeds Perfectly Suited for Apartment Living

2 Minute Read | Jan 22, 2019

If you’re an apartment dweller who's ready for a new barking member of the family, some breeds are better than others. Here’s a quick list of dog breeds that are perfectly suited for living in an apartment...

Colorful doors depicting neighbors in an apartment community

12 Easy Ways to Get To Know Your Neighbors In An Apartment Community

3 Minute Read | Dec 17, 2018

If you’ve ever watched a sitcom, you know that the wacky neighbor is comedy gold. But what if Kramer actually lived next door?  It may be fun for a couple of days, but any...

Roommates high-fiving

How to Navigate Living In An Apartment With A Roommate

3 Minute Read | Dec 03, 2018

We’ve all heard a roommate horror story or two and felt the fear of falling into a roommate situation that’s similar to Brennan and Dale’s initial relationship in the movie...