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Ian Griffis

Chairman and Co-CEO

Mr. Griffis is Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer sharing responsibility for strategic management of Griffis Residential and its investment activities. He is a member of the Griffis Residential Investment Committee.

Mr. Griffis brings 33 years’ apartment experience, consistently investing in apartments since the founding of the predecessor companies Griffis/Blessing, Inc. (1985) and Griffis Investment Company. Historical investment markets include: Colorado, Washington, California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. There has been no loss of capital in any of Mr. Griffis’ over 80 investment projects (1985-2018).

Mr. Griffis has been involved with numerous nonprofits and charities. He is a former Trustee of Colorado College, The Fountain Valley School and a member of the Casa Serena Society. He has also led various public/private initiatives including: the development of a 150-bed dormitory on the University of Southern Colorado Campus, the selection and acquisition of a new D-38 high school, four conservation easements, the assemblage and creation of a public 800-acre park, and the preservation of an archaeological site and section of the historic Cherokee Trail. This is the oldest pioneer trail in the State of Colorado for which he was awarded the Friends of the Oregon Trail award. Mr. Griffis is a founding board member of Griffis Residential Gives, a public non-profit formed to address homelessness and its contributing causes in the cities in which Griffis Residential owns apartments.

Mr. Griffis holds a B.A. from Colorado College and is a member of the William Jackson Palmer Founders Society.