Unique Father’s Day Gift Boxes for All of the Dads out There

Lifestyle | Jun 10, 2019


Father and Daughter Gazing Out of an Airplane Window.
Father and Daughter Gazing Out of an Airplane Window.

Dad. He’s the guy who gives you that look. The guy who tells the bad jokes and thinks they’re hilarious. The guy who is or once was soooooooo embarrassing. Maybe he taught you how to ride a bike or change the oil. Perhaps he showed you how to cook the perfect chocolate chip cookie or helped you appreciate a great old movie. Whatever dad is to you, it’s time to celebrate him, and subscription boxes are a unique Father’s Day gift to help you do just that. Here’s a list of gift ideas for whatever he’s into.

Society Socks

Society Socks will ensure that your dad is stocked while also keeping his foot accoutrements stylish. Society Socks sends two pairs of unique, and very dad-appropriate socks for only $19 per month (or less, depending on your plan). Even better, for every two pairs they send, Society Socks sends two more pairs to people in need.

Watch Gang

It’s a classic dad joke when you ask what time it is — the old “Time to get a watch” gag. So, get dad a watch. Watch Gang is potentially one of the best values you can get in a subscription box. Plans start at $29.99 per month for watches worth up to $150, with plans available for higher-end watches as well. He’ll get one watch per month and realize that you’ve been listening to him all these years.

Bespoke Post

If you find yourself saying, “My dad is so hard to shop for,” then Bespoke Post might be the one. Bespoke Post offers a range of lifestyle, clothing, accessory, libation, and coffee goods. Best of all, each box is customized to your dad’s preferences–just answer a few questions about him and the first box is on the way. It’s as little as $45 for each box, and you can preview the box before it ships.

Loot Crate

Did dad play video games with you or teach you how to use The Force? Then head to Loot Crate, which gives crate options for gaming, pop culture, sci-fi movies, and more. Each box contains themed gear, t-shirts, and other novelties starting at $34.99 per month.

More Subscription Box Options

 – Shirts On Tap – A box club for beer fans for $18.00 per month.

 – Grill Masters Club – Grilling goods for as little as $27.95 per month.

 – Freestone Fly Fishing Company – Fly fishing gear for $18.95 per month.

 – The Rad Dad Box – Curated boxes to help the new dad get his feet wet. $38 per month.

 – Culture Carton – Accessories, lifestyle goods, and a good book in each box for $45 per month.