Staying Connected in the Time of Social Distancing

Lifestyle | Apr 02, 2020


Wish you were here neon rooftop sign 1920x1080
Wish you were here neon rooftop sign | Denver, Colorado

One thing quarantine has taught us is that togetherness is not to be taken for granted. Before social distancing, togetherness might have been easy to overlook. And when this is all over, maybe we’ll all value it a bit more. In the meantime, we all want to stay connected—to feel some sense of normalcy, feed the soul, and do things together even when we’re apart. So here are a few ideas to help you do just that.

Netflix Party
Movie nights are a classic get-together, whether it’s over a favorite flick that you know inside and out, or a new release. Netflix Party has taken the group movie experience and put it online. It’s a free Chrome extension that integrates group chat features with synchronized playback. So everyone can watch together, maintain social distance, and still chat about favorite lines and surprise plot twists.

We’re all video chatting with our family and close friends to maintain that social connection we all crave. But what about the people you haven’t talked to in a while? Friends with whom you’ve lost touch? Family you haven’t checked-in with? Now is a great time to renew those relationships. Video chat is one way, but you could also handwrite a letter or a card, send a gif or a digital card, make a funny video or call on the phone.

Virtual happy hour
Bars and restaurants are closed, but don’t let that stop you from hosting a 4 PM rendezvous with coworkers or close friends. Everyone can grab a drink and hop on Zoom or Houseparty to joke, play games, commiserate, celebrate or just be together.

Dance party
We’re naturally social beings, and a lot of us also like to dance. You can get two birds with one stone, and get some good exercise, by taking advantage of the virtual dance parties being hosted via social media. Check out ex-Lady Gaga dancer Mark Kanemura’s instagram for encouraging, weekly dance parties. Or tune in for one of DJ D-Nice’s Club Quarantine sets.

Here’s to keeping in contact, no matter how physically far apart we may be. Stay well and be safe.