How to Stay Productive and Work from Your Apartment

Apartment Life | Oct 07, 2019


Computer on a desk with a screensaver that says
A computer on a desk with a screensaver that says "Do More."

On the surface of it, there’s not much bad about working at home. You get to skip the commute, avoid the commotion at work and you can wear your pajamas all day. But it also comes with its unique challenges. Namely, how do you stay productive when there can be so many distractions at home? With the right steps, you can create a productive environment and a happy home office.

Get in a routine

As much as possible, establish a morning routine like you’d have if you were going to the office. Plan to start at the same time every day, 8 or 9 am, then get up, make coffee, and eat breakfast early enough to start at that time. This helps you get into work mode and sets you up for productivity for the rest of the day. This suggestion came from a blog by Inc. which has several other great ideas for working productively from home.

Have a dedicated space

It’s important to have a specific spot where you’ll work every day.  Set up the space with traditional office desk items to make it feel legit. Some apartments—like Griffis Parmer Lane—come with a convenient built-in desk space that’s located in a prime location. But if you don’t have built-in space, try putting a desk next to a sofa instead of an end table. Or place your desk next to a bed instead of a nightstand. You can find several more apartment desk ideas on Apartment Therapy.

Stay in touch

Whether you’re reporting to a home office somewhere or working for your own clients, you’ll need to stay in constant communication. After all… you can’t just stop by someone’s desk to chat. So plan to use video, chat through Slack, email and phone to check in often. You may feel like you’re oversharing, but your coworkers and clients will appreciate the status reports and they’ll like knowing when they can expect deliverables.

Use your apartment’s common space

A change of scenery can get you out of a funk, but that can be hard to accomplish in a small space. So take the time to get out and use your apartment’s common space during your workday. Some properties may include an internet cafe that has the connectivity and the office vibe you need. Or if you’re just tying up some loose ends and craving a little vitamin D, try a rooftop deck like the one at Griffis Belltown.

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