How to Make Friends After Moving to a New City

Lifestyle | Jul 22, 2019


Group Shot of Friends Sitting on a Lawn in Front of a Cityscape.
Group Shot of Friends Sitting on a Lawn in Front of a Cityscape.

Making new friends. When you’re in grade school, it’s a cinch. Then college comes along and it’s not so bad. Then you become an adult, move to a new city, and, yeah, it can be a little awkward. It’s common to feel overwhelmed just by moving to a brand new city, much less figuring out how to multiply the friend list. But don’t fret, there are others out there thinking the same thing, and we’ve got a few tips to help you find them. 

Friend-finding apps

It may go without saying, but there are a plethora of meetup apps out there designed to help people make new friends. They range from general interest matching apps, like Friender, Bumble BFF, and VINA, to apps exclusively for moms, like Peanut. There’s Atleto to help you find a badminton partner, running buddy, or friend for whatever your favorite activity may be. There’s even Meet My Dog where you can set-up playdates with other dog owners. Which leads us to… 

Friends with their dogs running in a fieldAdopt a pet

Pets, especially dogs, are little furry conversation starters that you take out in public. Dog parks are a great place to meet new people with the same canine interests. Just getting out on a walk will give you an opportunity to talk to new people and explore your neighborhood. 

Join clubs

Like movies? Sign up for the Austin film society. If you’re a rock climber or mountaineer, join the Denver Chapter of the American Alpine Club. Or if knitting is more your speed, there’s the Las Vegas Exquisite Knitters Club. The point is, when you join clubs that you’re interested in, it automatically puts you in a comfort zone and gives you a line to people who have the exact same hobbies. And no matter where you are, there are always possibilities, from writing groups to wine tasting clubs to jigsaw puzzle meetups. 

Attend apartment social events

If your apartment is hosting a cocktail hour, group outing, or a pool party, those are all perfect opportunities to strike up a conversation with people you see at your home every day. You never know, some of them may have just relocated too. 

Attend community events

Community events could be anything from volunteer opportunities and neighborhood cleanups to block parties or food festivals. They’re all fantastic ways to become more immersed in your new locale and become a familiar face to those around you.

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