Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Gym Workout

Apartment Life | Jan 06, 2020


Two cycling bikes in front of a TV at Griffis Southpark.
Two cycling bikes in front of a TV at Griffis Southpark.

New year, new you. Time to hit the gym, and if you’re lucky, you have one sitting right in your apartment community. That level of convenience will already have you on track to a toned New Year’s physique. Of course, you want to take it to the next level, so what else can you do to ensure a more effective, more get-pumped workout in your community’s gym? Here are a few tips to max out your new year fitness routine.

Start at the App Store

If you work better with a coach, even a digital one, there are a bunch of great apps that both provide workout routines and track your progress. StrongLifts 5×5 provides beginner and intermediate weight workouts complete with progress reports and guided routines. Freeletics helps you add variety to your workout with hundreds of body-weight exercises, and it comes with customizable coaching and workout sessions. If you want to get some yoga into your workout, check out Yoga Studio: Mind & Body for guided yoga classes and custom workouts.

Demand more

If you live in a community like Griffis Union Station or Griffis Southpark, take advantage of the included on-demand fitness amenities. Fitness On Demand and other on-demand programs, provide unlimited virtual fitness classes, often from celebrity trainers for everything like high-intensity training to cycling. You get a great workout that always fits your schedule and the variety to keep things from getting boring.

Vary your workouts

It’s true: boredom can get you off track from your fitness goals. So, give yourself something to look forward to by switching up your workout. Utilize your community’s yoga and workout rooms and vary the types of workouts in each one to keep things fresh, so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

The buddy system

Studies have shown that 95% of people who started a weight loss program with a friend went on to complete the program. (Find out more in this NBC News article.) You can get off on the right foot and stay there, by enlisting a roommate, significant other, or neighbor. Can’t find someone willing to take the fitness leap with you? Use Griffis Residential’s Active Building or any resident portal to find a workout buddy.

Happy New Year’s and here’s to a healthy, new you! Find a Griffis Residential Apartment Community with on-site gym and fitness amenities today!