Downsizing 101: How to Downsize Your Apartment Efficiently

Apartment Life | Mar 09, 2020


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Couple unpacking their Hive Boxx moving containers.

Downsizing your apartment in 2020 is easier than you would imagine and is a wonderful tool for keeping track of your things.

List Making in 2020
The quickest, most efficient way to downsize your apartment is to use your phone to make lists. Use the notes app to create lists of items you absolutely can’t live without, items you will never use, and things you rarely use. Begin this process in each room separately and title the notes using terms like Bathroom, Bedroom or Kitchen. This way there will be no confusion about where a piece will be placed in your new, smaller home.

Give yourself enough time to sort through your items without feeling panicked. This is important when you have things you have collected or inherited. It can be difficult to acknowledge that the crystal and sterling your grandmother gave you is never used, and sentimental objects should not be tossed unceremoniously. If there is a monetary value to these things, try selling them–grandma will understand–and someone else can enjoy the beauty of the pieces. If it will break your heart to not have a token to remember a special person by, do this: choose one or two things–like teacups, for example– and sell the rest. Use these small reminders in a new way, perhaps as a ring holder at the side of your new apartment’s sink. Remember, you are downsizing, not trying to erase your life.

If you are moving to a different climate–perhaps a move from a Denver apartment to sunny Long Beach, California — don’t take an entire season’s winter clothes. You may need a few things for cold weather if you intend to go back for a visit, but not 17 wool sweaters. Spend some time organizing your closet and only take clothing that works and matches the lifestyle of your new home.

After the List
Because you now have lists to follow, your next job will go much faster. Choose the type of container you will use to pack your things; this will have something to do with the distance you are moving. Some people use plastic tubs or laundry baskets, especially for short-distance moves. If you are moving to a more distant location you will want to pack your things in boxes, and then label them with the destination room in your new apartment. A relatively recent innovation in the moving business is to rent plastic bins – there’s no waste and a minimal cost to you. You can also check sites like CraigsList for free boxes.

Here or There?
According to the property management experts at Goodjuju, “The items on your “Must Keep” list can be packed in the containers you have chosen but for safety’s sake, don’t overstuff boxes or put too many heavy things in one container. The articles that you are not bringing to your new home can be shared with friends or donated to a shelter. Your community will have places to donate clothing and household items listed on their resident portal. It will only take a little time to make a phone call or drop off your unwanted belongings, and they won’t end up in a landfill.”

A little bit of time and thought can help your downsizing task go smoothly. When culling your things you may discover what is meaningful, and what has simply become unnecessary clutter in your day-to-day life.