How to Deal with Noise in Your Apartment

Apartment Life | Oct 14, 2019


A sign that says quiet zone and a couple lounging on the couch in the distance.

It’s a fact of apartment living: when you share a wall with someone, you may also share noise. Some of us like to take it easy, while others like to crank up the TV and practice the tuba at all hours of the night. What one person thinks is too loud, another could think is just right. So what’s an apartment dweller to do when they want a quiet bubble in a world of noise?

Start by taking steps on your end to lessen the noise, and adjust your living space. 

Sound bounces off of hard surfaces and will travel through your apartment if there is a lot of empty space. Try putting more things—bookshelves, large wall hangings—against the walls you share with your neighbor. Is the noise coming from below? Place thick area rugs throughout your apartment. Try throwing down a rug pad to help muffle the sound even more.

Try soundproofing your front door. If there are big gaps between the floor and the door, talk to your community management office, or the service team to see how they can best seal the gaps and create a solid barrier.

Buy soundproof curtains. Windows are another major source of sound. Soundproof curtains give you an extra layer of sound-absorbing protection if the noisy commotion is leaking through your windows.

Lastly, you could counter community noise with your own by getting a white noise machine or app. If you’re not familiar, white noise machines create a variety of sounds meant to calm, but they also do a great job drowning out the sounds you don’t want to hear. They’re especially useful for sleeping when the noise level is high.

If all else fails, it might be time to call the office. Feeling comfortable at home is important to you and your neighbors. Always resist the temptation to directly or indirectly communicate with a neighbor about your displeasure with noise. Instead, call your community management office, we’re always here to help!