How to Navigate Living in an Apartment With a Roommate

Apartment Life | Dec 03, 2018


Roommates high-fiving
Roommates high-fiving

We’ve all heard a roommate horror story or two and felt the fear of falling into a roommate situation that’s similar to Brennan and Dale’s initial relationship in the movie, Step Brothers. You know, the situation in which your roomie messes with your belongings and does just about everything to make living with them miserable.

The fact of the matter is, we all won’t find a perfect roommate that’s willing to build bunk beds so that there’s more room for activities, and you may never have a moment of realization that you just became “best friends.” But with these tips, navigating apartment living with a roommate will be a whole lot easier!

1. Decorate Your Home Together

Your apartment should reflect both of your interior styles and feel like home to all. Block off an entire Saturday and plan to spend the day at Ikea choosing wall décor and living room furniture together. There is some serious camaraderie you’ll both feel when you mutually agree on a color scheme and successfully assemble your Ikea fixtures together.

2. Throw a Housewarming Party Together

After all of the moving boxes have been unpacked and the curtains have been hung, start planning your housewarming party. Mesh your friend groups and family members and break-in your new home with those that you care about the most. After all, friends and family are an important aspect of your life and often help make your house feel more like a home.

3. Discuss Cleaning Expectations and Dibs Your Favorite Chore

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re always cleaning your roommate’s dirty dishes. Before you let the cleaning frustration build up, take time to talk about each other’s cleaning expectations. Your idea of what’s clean and acceptable may be different than theirs and regardless of these differences, it’s important that you communicate your expectations. Do you enjoy vacuuming and organizing the refrigerator? Take the lead on those tasks and ask your roommate to help in other ways around the house.

4. Attend Neighborhood and Community Events Together

A huge advantage to living in an apartment is the built-in community and amenities! Just a few steps outside your front door, you’ll find neighbors at the community game room, firepit lounge or pool and spa. Being in a social and entertaining environment with your roommate is an ideal way to bond, and meeting your neighbors has never been easier than it is on our resident portal. Join groups, meet people that share common interests, and attend local events with your neighbors, roommate, and community!

You’ve found your roommate, now find the perfect place to live. Contact us to find your next apartment home.