12 Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors in an Apartment Community

Apartment Life | Dec 17, 2018


Colorful doors depicting neighbors in an apartment community
The front doors of two neighbors. Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash

If you’ve ever watched a sitcom, you know that the wacky neighbor is comedy gold. But what if Kramer actually lived next door?  It may be fun for a couple of days, but any longer and you’ll be pulling your hair out. Plus, you’d spend a small fortune on those little foam earplugs.

In reality, we all appreciate a good neighbor, especially in apartment living. Being friendly and respectful to the people we share a hallway with enhances the entire living experience—it forges camaraderie, preserves the peace of your living space, and creates a sense of community.

There’s always the question, though, of how to get off on the right foot since first impressions are so important. And what are the best ways to continue being a respectful neighbor? All good considerations. But fear not, we’ve got tips to help you achieve neighborhood nirvana.

Meeting the neighbors

 1. Say hi  – It’s a small gesture, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Being friendly lets people know you’re approachable and open to chat.

 2. Show interest in what they do –  See a neighbor wearing ski gear? Ask how the snow is. Notice they’re carrying in some craft beer? Ask for recommendations. It’s all about building rapport and appealing to their interests is a great place to start.

3. Use your community’s common areas –  Imagine having a party in the rooftop lounge at Griffis 3100 Pearl. A get-together, especially on a rooftop, is a great environment for mingling. You could add party games to break the ice and get people interacting. Another common area idea is simply to hang out somewhere like the WiFi cafe at Griffis Lake Washington. Reading a book or knocking out some work in a common amenity space gives you an opportunity to see people from all over the community. From there let the first two points be your guide.

4. Let your pet (or kid) do the work –  People are drawn to cute kids and friendly pups. So grab your stroller and/or leash and take a walk around the community. Let your neighbors say hi and use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself.

5. Perform random acts of kindness –  It’s something we should all do and a great way to make an immediate positive impression. So leave a kind note. Pay for someone’s dry cleaning. Make dinner for a weary neighbor.

Welcoming new neighbors

6. Bake something – Cookies are the go-to welcome wagon for a reason—they make people happy. Just be sure to let folks know what’s inside in case of allergies.

7. Leave a list of your favorite places – One of the hardest parts of moving to a new area is not knowing the lay of the land. Put together a list of tasty restaurants, nearby grocery stores, and attractions to help your new neighbor get acclimated. You could even make a packet of take-out menus for local eateries.

8. Help them move Moving can be a pain, so why not ease the transition for your new floormate? Even a half-hour can be a big help, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself.

Being a considerate neighbor

9. Keep the noise down – Everyone has different schedules and lifestyles. A little get together for you may be a nuisance for someone else. So, observe quiet hours and put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes before turning up the volume.

10. Enter and exit quietly – Especially if you share a hallway with other residents, there’s no need to slam the door. Also, be mindful if you’re chatting with friends or talking on the phone in the hallway.

11. Observe parking rules You don’t want an angry note on your windshield, do you?

12. Respect their privacy – If your neighbors send cues that they want to be left alone, respect it. Be friendly, but sometimes a simple smile will do.

Getting to know your neighbors in an apartment community is easy, especially when you have a neighborly apartment community. Contact us at Griffis Residential to find your next apartment home and be welcomed to the neighborhood.