Executive Management Team

The Griffis Residential executive team leads more than 200 real estate professionals, including site-level property management associates supported by deep corporate resources.

Chairman and Co-CEO

Ian Griffis

Mr. Griffis shares responsibility for strategic management of Griffis Residential and its investment activities. He is a member of the Griffis Residential Investment Committee. Mr. Griffis brings 33 years apartment experience, consistently investing in apartments… Read More


David Birnbaum

Mr. Birnbaum has been Co-Chief Executive Officer since the founding of Griffis Residential and the Prior Funds, sharing responsibility for strategic management of the firm and its investment activities. In addition to being a member… Read More

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Barta

Mr. Barta, Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for overseeing operations including the firm’s asset management and finance functions. He guides and develops the Griffis Customer Experience Management Team and Guest Culture Initiative.  He is also… Read More