Simple Etiquette for Lounging at Your Community’s Swimming Pool

Apartment Life | May 20, 2019


A pineapple floating in a swimming pool.
A pineapple sunbathing in a swimming pool.

Summer is right around the corner and what is the most common activity associated with summer? Going to the pool! Your Griffis Residential community’s pool and spa are for the entire community to enjoy, so have some fun in the sun, work on your tan, but most of all, follow these six simple pool etiquette reminders and do your part in making the pool safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s dive in:

1. One of the best feelings is spending time with people we care about; sharing some laughs, having a cook-out and taking a dip in the water. Your pals are always welcome at your community pool, but before you start that group text, refer to your Community Handbook to see what the pool guest limit is and remember in order to lounge at the pool with your guest; a current leaseholder will need to be present at all times.

2. Schedule pool time according to your community’s pool hours. Your neighbors will thank you.

3. Safety is very important to us, so please be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty. Look out for one another and inform the management team should you see anything that looks to be unsafe in or around the pool area. For safety reasons, anyone under 14 years old must have an adult lease holding resident with them at all times.

4. Life-size pineapple floaties are all the rage these days, we get it, but let’s leave some room for others to swim too. Please note that the following items are not allowed in the pool area: animals, large floatation devices, glass containers, bikes, roller skates, and skateboards.

5. The pool area is a public space for all residents, appropriate clothing is a must. When out by the pool, be sure you are wearing swimwear that is suitable for swimming, cut-off jeans should not be worn in the pool.

6. We know that diapers are the latest fashion for the younger generations, but as stylish as they may be, they are not allowed in the pool as it could be a fashion disaster if one were to lose their diaper in the pool.

The Pool and Spa is a place for all residents to enjoy, be aware of how you are impacting those around you. When grilling, clean up afterward. When listening to music, put in headphones – it’s that simple.

All Griffis Residential Pool and Spa policies will be posted at the pool for your reference, but feel free to ask your management team or refer to your Community Handbook should you have any additional questions. Happy Swimming!