Green Living

Sustainability in Action.

Griffis Residential is committed to making their apartment communities as environmentally friendly as possible. To meet that goal, they have implemented recycling programs and creative strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of their communities and promote environmentally-friendly living. Here are some of the many ways their apartment communities promote environmentally-friendly living:

Purchasing renewable energy credits - Griffis Residential supports renewable energy by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs). This important step helps them to meet this commitment to reduce their environmental impact. When you choose to live at a Griffis Residential apartment community, you reduce your environmental footprint, because the electricity you use is being offset with renewable energy credits.

Recycling plastics, paper, and glass - Griffis Residential offers on-site Single Stream recycling centers for all residents in all of their apartment communities.

Saving energy - Griffis Residential uses energy-efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in common areas in their eco-friendly apartments, including the clubhouses, fitness centers, and apartment models. In addition, they have on-site recycling for CFLs at all of their apartment communities.

Using green building practices - Wherever possible, Griffis Residential incorporate eco-friendly practices in their apartment renovations. For example, they use green materials in their finishes such as Nylon 6 recycled Shaw Green Certified carpet and recycled glass backsplashes in renovated kitchens. In addition, they recycle waste materials and use no volatile organic compound (VOC) paints in renovations.

Spreading the (paperless) news - Instead of posting paper notices throughout their communities to announce news and events, Griffis Residential property managers send email notices whenever possible to promote their green living values. Also, their apartment rental property brochures are printed on recycled paper.

Purchasing only eco-friendly carpet - Griffis Residential only buys carpet with 100% recyclable Nylon 6 fiber. This new technology enables the carpet manufacturer to turn old carpet into new, again and again. This carpet is ideal for eco-friendly apartment living as it offers the same great look, quality, and performance.

Saving water - Griffis Residential is always on the lookout for ways to conserve water, and they are incorporating environmentally eco-friendly practices into their apartment community landscape maintenance. For example, they use rain sensors to avoid over-watering when it rains.