Guest Culture

Our team knows just how to synergize our core values into a choice approach to serve our residents. Melded together, these values create something unique that you won’t find in other Colorado apartment communities. It’s something we call the Griffis Residential Culture. What’s it all about?

It's about you.

Your needs.

Sometimes they’re simple, like needing a replacement key. Sometimes they’re more involved, like needing a sink unclogged. Whatever they are, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand that fulfilling your needs quickly will enhance your experience with us. Because we want our residents to celebrate their home, not just live in it.

Your home.

You don’t want a residence, you want a home. We know that through diligent attention, we can serve you well so that you’ll be able to enjoy a lifestyle that isn’t a carbon copy of everyone else’s at the property. We regard you as one of ours, and appreciate that you aren’t just renting an apartment, you’re building a home.

Your lifestyle.

Life is hectic. Honoring this is key to our service-minded mantra at Griffis Residential, and we do it most effectively when we employ our core values. Our celebration of these values positions us to appreciate your lifestyle so that we can be proactive about knowing what we can do to make it most enjoyable.